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About Us

The pedigree herd is run by Ann Malcolm and her daughter, Ros.  We aim to produce quality pedigree Bazadaise bulls and females for breeding.  The herd is in a CHeCS accredited health scheme and is BVD Accredited free since 2008. We no longer vaccinate for BVD since upgrading our bio-security fencing but would vaccinate breeding stock who are leaving the herd. 

We have been testing for Johnes disease since 2009, and in 2013 gained Level 2 status (2nd Qualifying), meaning we have had two clear annual tests. 

Scotland was awarded Officially Tuberculosis Free status in 2009.  The herd’s last test was in March 2020 and was  clear.
We have 25 all year round calving cows and heifers and we run home bred stock bulls but also use AI in order to take advantage of the latest French bloodlines.  We use Bazadaise bulls on all of our cows - we have pure Bazadaise, Limousin/Bazadaise cross cows, a few Whitebred Shorthorns and WS/Bazadaise crosses.

Spring born calves are outwintered for their first  winter on the cow, weaned in Feb/March at  10 months and the cross calves are sold at 14-16 months through our local livestock markets. 

Registered, pedigree Bazadaise cattle are sold privately – see For Sale page.  Or, if you would like to visit,  contact us here.