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About Bazadaise

15mth_steer Pure Bazadaise Cows
The Bazadaise breed originates from the town of Bazas in south west France. 
Cattle first came to England in 1989 and the breed continues to expand in popularity. 
superior beef breed notable for its grass finishing ability, mobility, muscling and ease of calving.  

  Bazadaise beef has a well deserved reputation for fine flavoured, low fat and well marbled meat.In France it has achieved the coveted 'Label Rouge', an internationally recognised accreditation for the achievement of consistently high standards in food production.

  Bazadaise adult cattle range in colour from dark to light grey. Calves are born a pale beige colour and remain so until about 3 months old. They have exceptional length with excellent conformation and muscular development with a broad back and a well-rounded rump. A fine bone structure produces exceptional yields as a pure or cross.  

  Bazadaise cattle are intelligent, quiet and easy to manage.  Their calves, pure or cross, have much to offer the breeder or finisher seeking good genetics and consistent conformation with rapid growth rates.  See the British Bazadaise Cattle Society for more information.

  Bazadaise make excellent mothers with more than 70% of the cows having a calving interval of less than 380 days. Newborn calves are small (35-42kg) alert and mobile. The muscle development happens after birth at 10 to 14 days, hence the easy calving.